Fly Screens for Doors

Our fly screen doors will fit almost any type of doorway and are available as kits or ready assembled for easy installation. We have a range of fly screen doors that are suitable for domestic through to heavy duty commercial use.

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Strip Mesh Door Fly Screen

This door consists of four mesh panels that overlap to form a continuous barrier. The mesh strips have sewn edges to prevent fraying and have sewn in weights at the base so they fall back into position.

They are easily removed, as one complete unit, by lifting the top carrier bar from it's holder. It can then be rolled up and stored for winter.

These doors are an ideal solution for homes and caravans and are pet friendly. They are suitable for doors up to 1000mm wide x 2200mm high and are easily trimmed to suit smaller sized doors.


Strip mesh fly door Priced at £32.00 + vat

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Commercial Strip Mesh Door Fly Screen

These doors are suitable for Commercial premises for doorways in constant use and where deliveries may be made. The heavy duty suntex mesh and stainless steel head plates make the doors very hard wearing.


Strip MESH dOOR Prices from £155.00 + vat

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Roller Fly Screen Door

Italian styled roller screens offering elegance and effectiveness against flying insects.
The roller door houses all the fly mesh in a neat cassette that is spring loaded. You simply pull on the handle and the mesh comes out and locks onto a full magnetic enclosure. The mesh is held in place by top and bottom guides which create a full seal to prevent the smallest of flies entering.
They are manufactured from top grade aluminium, finished in white and are totally rust free which enables them to be installed on the outside. The cassette can be side or top mounted and are most popular on conservatories and patio doors.

roller fly screens

Prices from £175.00 + vat

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Door Fly Screens

These doors have a full aluminium frame with two mesh panels and a base kick plate. They can be installed inside or out and are totally rust free.

Our doors have unique spring loaded rising butt hinges that help the door to close automatically. The profiles have integrated brush strips to ensure a seal with the existing frame. A gas closer is also available for speedier closing. The doors are available as kits or ready assembled and can fit doors up to 220cm high and 100cm wide.

Hinged Fly Screen Door

£94.00 + vat per kit

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Heavy Duty Doors £150.00 + vat

Chain Fly Screens

Aluminium links are suspended from a top rail to form a continuous barrier against flying insects. The chains are fully anodised which makes them rust free and able to be left outside. The screens are very hard wearing and are popular on commercial and residential properties.

The screens can be made to any widths or lengths and can be used on doors, windows or as room dividers. They are available in Silver, Grey or a striped combination.


Prices from £88.00 + vat

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PVC Strip Doors

Clear PVC strips suspended from a top holding rail that overlap to form a barrier. They can be manufactured for warehouse doors and pedestrian doorways and help keep in the heat as well as exclude pests.

PVC Strip Door Prices from £62.00 + vat